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Thank you for considering becoming a member of the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition and supporting the goal of protecting the educational rights of children with disabilities enrolled in District of Columbia Public Schools.  Our members are self-advocates, parents, community members, local businesses, legal experts, scholars and organizers.  We welcome any individual or organization that wants to join in the fight to protect the democratic and human rights of children with disabilities in the school system and the families that support them.  We are growing to become an active coalition, geared at establishing a good reputation with our lawmakers and public education administrators to offer the necessary civic support to ensure a leveled playing field for children with disabilities from Pre-K to 12th grade.  Join now!

Also, join our convenient weekly conference calls. These calls are intended for members and non-members to learn more about the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition and for updates on on-going campaigns.


As a new coalition, we salute all the brave and committed individuals and organizations that have already been fighting for the educational and social rights of children with disabilities in Washington, DC and around the United States.  Our goal is to compliment these efforts and develop a more concentrated vehicle that serves as the necessary grassroots, parent-led body that’s actively engages with the schools, lawmakers and public educational administrators in the District of Columbia for the benefit of all levels of public education.

Break the Silence and Isolation

While parenting in general is hard work with equal rewards, the life-style of parents with children with disabilities is very different than that of any other parent. Joining the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition gives opportunity for parents with children with disabilities the safe space to be heard and feel supported by a diverse network of other self-advocates, parents (both of children with and without disabilities), educators, legal experts and organizations that offer a plethora of resources to assist in the necessary empowerment to improve the quality of life for the District’s children with disabilities.

Information and Skills Sharing

Through a weekly newsletter, bi-weekly conference calls and goals of growing capacity to host monthly face-to-face meetings, with child care provided, the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition offers a network of skill-building training and information channels to help parents grow in their ability to provide better at-home and in-community support for our children with disabilities as well as be better equipped to hold the public education system accountable.

Take Action

Through campaigns to actively engage legislators and public education administrators, the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition is growing an active action-driven network of local, regional and national supporters who understand that if Washington, DC, as the nation’s capital, becomes a leading example of exceptional special education services and outcomes for children with disabilities. If you’re ready, let’s go!

Membership Type Benefits
Individual Access to a growing and strong network of advocates to give voice to and amplify efforts at improving educational outcomes for children with disabilities in the District of Columbia.
Organizational Membership Access to a cultivated grassroots network of parents, educators and community organizers that are on the frontlines of the fight for the educational of children with disabilities that are able to galvanize the necessary physical support to ensure that progressive legislation, budget proposals, policies and procedures and other aspects of the political process are adequately supported with people power.
Business Support Be part of the village that helps raise future leaders that support beneficial educational outcomes that impact on the overall economy, if the playing field is leveled for children with disabilities in the District of Columbia.