Minutes from June 28, 2017 IPC Teleconference

What: Highlights and notes from the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition (IPC) teleconference

Date: June 28, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm EDT

Host: Chioma Oruh, Parent Advocate for the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition


  1. Guest Speaker Attorney Todd Gluckman of Terris Pravlik & Millian, LLP
  2. Angelo Telesford
  3. Hashim Coward
  4. Chioma Oruh
  5. Yolanda Corbett
  6. Mansoor Abdur-Rahman
  7. Ronda White

Discussions from Last Meeting:

  1. Calendar options – introduced usage of Google Calendar for the group.
  2. Going forward we will review calendar options to best serve ICP purpose

New Business

Introduction of Attorney Todd Gluckman Spoke about the implications of the D.L. vs. District of Columbia case. To read the Injunction and Order from last week’s ruling, CLICK HERE.

Some questions that were asked:

  1. Is there past funding received by the City under IDEA that will be available to assist families who were harmed? Answer: (Funding questions are not part of this injunction and will need to be taken up elsewhere)
  2. Who will monitor the City to make sure they comply with the injunction? Will the district be required to issue reporting regarding ongoing activities? Answer: (Todd noted that the first report is due to come out August 31, 2017.)
  3. Does this finding include preschool children? (See injunction)
  4. Does Todd represent families? What is the process if there are questions? Answer: (Call Todd if any questions on how to proceed with this.)
  5. What type of documentation should families collect in or to report violations? (at a minimum, name and contact information of the child and parent.)
  6. What is being required by the court to ensure DC informs parents of the decision and any steps families should take? How can we (ICP) address all legal support broadly so we do not miss anyone? (See injunction)
  7. What should we look for to make sure schools are in compliance and what should be done if noncompliance is found? Answer: (Make sure parents know how to have their children evaluated; make sure information is made available.)
  8. Is Todd’s office able to represent families? Answer: (This will be determined on case-by-case basis. There are special education attorneys available in the city; these should be brought to Todd’s attention).
  9. Is the city required to provide full disclosure to schools, parents and other affected populations as to what happened and what they can or should do? (See injunction)
  10. Is there a way that the ICP can communicate with all of the legal offices simultaneously instead of individually to seek assistance? Answer: (Stay in touch with Todd or provide a list of issues of concern for review.)

Note: D.L. vs. District of Columbia is a critically powerful decision. ICP should leverage this decision to maximize any efforts in the future. The court have found many of the same concerns as we have. In order to know how to best monitor and report problems or non-compliance, it is important that we review and understand the injunction.

Meeting extended: The group voted to extend today’s’ meeting to 7:45 pm.

First Fundraising Planning Meeting

  • ICP has been granted the use of weekend flea market space.
  • Concerning the flea market space, the following was discussed:
    • Budget
    • Printing of banners, flyers, etc.
    • Start date
    • Volunteers needed for manning flea market table
    • Volunteers schedule of hours

Tour of Office of Unified Command (OUC)

  • Smart 9-1-1. For information click here.
  • Points of contact at OUC are Wanda Gattison and Karima Holmes
  • Training families to understand how to work with first responders
  • Community tours of OUC
  • Yolanda and Kevin Donahue sons are good friends.
  • Yolanda also co-chairs an (HSCSN) recently invited Alex Williams come and speak about safety.
  • Angelo was at the meeting PALs Meeting – perhaps OUC can present at PAL.
  • Chief of staff  to the Chair for council of the judiciary  and public safety has two children with autism

Person-Centered Training Meeting and Supporting Families Council

Meeting ended at 7:45 pm EDT

Next week’s agenda

  • PAVE Back to School Special Ed Boot Camp (pending approval)
  • Upcoming Play Date – This weekend,Sunday July 2
  • Meeting with Nicole Preston, Special Olympics DC
  • Family Engagement Summer Event – Planning Committee Needed
  • D.L. v. District of Columbia Ruling and What next for DC Child Find
  • Confirmed: Attorney Todd Gluckman of Terris Pravlik & Millian, LLP, to give facts on the consequences of the D.L. vs. District of Columbia ruling and the future of DC Child Find process

Upcoming Events

  • CM Grosso’s Community Forum on the Challenges D.C. Faces in the Age of Trump on Monday July 10, 2017 from 6-8pm
  •  Supporting Families Community of Practice Meeting. At this meeting:
    •  Hear updates from the Family Support Council
    • discuss important disability rights laws
    • create a vision for employment for  our family and community.
    • When: Thursday, June 29, 2017; 9:30am-3:30pm
    • Where: Department on Disability Services, 250 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20024.
    • Metro: Federal Center SW (blue/silver/orange); Bus: P6; Parking: on street or $15/day parking garage
    • RSVP: Please RSVP to Jestina Heroe at jestina.heroe@dc.gov or 202-730-1586.
  • Family Engagement Summer 2017 partnership with Georgetown, Councilmember Charles Allen and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Kevin Donahue (Last two weeks in July and first two weeks in August)
  • Quality Trust is hosting “Opening the Doors to Opportunity,” with the rescheduled information for the first session, Transition Planning in Special Education. It has been rescheduled for Thursday, July 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  It will be held at the Northwest One Neighborhood Library, 155 L Street NW, Meeting Rm. 2 (near Mount Vernon Square Metro).  Please be sure to RSVP at rwhite@dcqualitytrust.org or call (202)459-4002. If there are special accommodations needed, please specify when registering for the training.
  • Overview of The Begin Act, introduced by CM Robert White, Jr.
  • Fundraising Committee Report Back
    • Weekend Flea Market – Outreach and Fundraising Opportunity
  • Two separate engagement proposals submitted to our partners, Georgetown and PAVE
  • Call for Executive Leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary)
  • Creation of Subcommittees
    • Bylaws, Parent/Family Engagement, Policy and Advocacy

For any questions or concerns, or if you are interested in taking on a leadership role in the Coalition, please email motheringhands@gmail.com or call me, Chioma Oruh, at 202-697-3529.

Meeting closed 7:45 pm

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