Minutes from June 7, 2017 IPC Teleconference

Minutes from June 7, 2017 IPC Teleconference

What: Highlights and notes from the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition (IPC) teleconference

Date: June 7, 2017

Time: 8:00 pm EST – 9:00 pm EST

Host: Chioma Oruh, Parent Advocate for the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition

Full Recording: Audio Recording


  1.  Chioma Oruh, Parent Advocate for the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition
  2.  Mansoor Abdur-Rahman
  3.  Molly Whalen, Executive Director of the DC Association for Special Education
  4.  Tamalea Perry, Ward 8 ANC Commissioner

Opening comments from Chioma

  • Teleconference will happen each Wednesday. Committee will review a move to an earlier time frame
  • Discussed purpose of IPC; campaign to improve Child Find Project starting at pre-k level in DC; strategy to improve outreach and connect with city and interested parents.
  • There is a meeting on Tuesday, June 9 with Councilmember David Grosso; this is a standing meeting at 2 pm

Chioma Introduced Molly Whalen

  • Addressed Intellectual Disability and the history of Civil Commitment
  • A key component coming up for discussion is Supported Decision Making.
    1. A meeting to address this topic will be held on June 15, 2017 at 10 am at the Wilson Building in Washington D.C.
    2. Interested parties may email or call council members before June 13. If calling, dial 202-724-8170.
  • To learn more about Bill 22-0154, CLICK HERE!
  • T-Shirts are now for sale as a fundraiser item
  • The focus of weekly teleconference calls is to keep the IPC membership up to date and engaged as things will be happening quickly
  • IPC has Partnership with Georgetown University. They can assist with training for a number of issues such as Cultural competency, Intellectual disability, IEP’s, training for how to identify disability and more
  • IPC working with Deputy Mayor, Charles Allen and overall education for families about how to deal with emergencies
  • Call for help to build executive leadership and develop steering committee
  • IPC goal is to have fully functioning organization by end of summer
  • IPC plans at least two trainings in July and two trainings in August. There will also be mixer events.
  • IPC activity will kick off after July 4.
  • Call ended at 8:43 EST.

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