Minutes from June 21, 2017 IPC Teleconference

Minutes from June 21, 2017 IPC Teleconference

What: Minutes from the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition Teleconference

Date: June 21, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm EST – 7:30 pm EST

Host: Chioma Oruh

Dial-In Number: 515-604-9383

Access Code: 742798#


  1. Chioma Oruh
  2. Mansoor Rahman
  3. Hashim Coward

Report from Chioma since last teleconference held on June 14, 2017


  1. Discussions from Last Meeting: Audio Recording
  • Minutes will be posted to ICP website prior to upcoming call

III. Follow Up from recent events:

  • Summer Play Dates
    1. Schedule is being worked on; We are looking for someone to lead activities schedule
    2. Options for play dates are under review
    3. Chioma will create calendar for this. Dates/deadlines and will coordinate with Doreen

IV. New Business

  • Doreen Hodges update on ABA Camp and other summer option
    • Doreen will have something this week.
  • PAVE Partnership opportunities – blogging and back to school event.
    • Chioma attended two-day blogger training workshop by Citizens United and sponsored by the Wayfair Corporation
    • Goal is to create outlet for parents to address needs of children.
    • Open to any parent who wants to blog.
    • Interested persons should go to IPC blog sites.
    • Pave also has a standing meeting with meeting with JennieNiles who serves as Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) in Washington, DC.
    • Thirdly is a back to school event
    • There is an opportunity to utilize a space provided by PAVE for the after school events.
    • Chioma has standing meeting with Special Olympics next week to discuss need of special needs children. This is a standing meeting
    • Also need to follow-up with United Negro College Fund of Washington DC; they offer great model of organizational stability
  • Basic Income conference summation.
    • Where to go for more info – Inclusive Prosperity Coalition
    • Stanford University has BI Lab under way; may be an opportunity to link the efforts between Stanford University and Howard University.
    • Georgetown University partners can offer research help
    • IPC will look for ways to promote Basic Income from a disabilities angle.
    • It is critical that we have a vision to take advantage of BI initiatives.
    • Parent training on Child Find needs to be included in Basic Income discussion
  1. Upcoming Events
  • Twitter meeting with Chancellor Wilson (#AskChantwan) on Thursday 6/22 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm
  • We encourage sending tweets/questions related to Child Find to increase awareness and visibility in social media
  • Family Engagement Summer 2017 partnership with Georgetown, Councilmember Charles Allen and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Kevin Donahue (Last two weeks in July and first two weeks in August)
    1. We need planning committee and sub committees
    2. DC Autism Parents is another group we plan to reach out to
  • DC Flea Market tabling opportunity for outreach and fundraising
    1. Across street from Howard U this weekend Saturday and Sunday
    2. Free space to operate table/tent has been offered to IPC(Many thanks to Omawale Sia for his generosity)
    3. t-shirts can serve as a fund raiser
    4. can offer popup trainings with anyone a flea market who shows interest
    5. we need a budget for doing this fund raiser
    6. Hashim is taking lead on this
  • The DC Supporting Families Community of Practice (SF CoP) is a group of diverse stakeholders who are working together to create policies, practices and systems that support families that include a member with an intellectual or developmental disability across the life span. We come together to learn, share information, and support each other.
    • At this meeting, we will hear updates from the Family Support Council, discuss important disability rights laws, and create a vision for employment for ourselves, our family members, and our community
    • When: Thursday, June 29, 2017; 9:30am-3:30pm
    • Where: Department on Disability Services, 250 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20024.
    • Metro: Federal Center SW (blue/silver/orange); Bus: P6; Parking: on street or $15/day parking garage
    • RSVP: Please RSVP to Jestina Heroe at heroe@dc.govor 202-730-1586.
  • University campus outreach to manage social media campaigns
  1. Chioma following up with Colleen
  2. Developing campus strategy to get university student more engaged with our effort
  • Call for Executive Leadership (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary)
    • Chioma assuming role of Chair; would like to explore anyone who is interested in stepping up in any role.
    • Creation of Subcommittees (Bylaws, Parent/Family Engagement, Policy and Advocacy, Fundraising)
  • Discussion around the role of Mothering Hands
  • Closed at 7:33 pm





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