Minutes from June 14, 2017 IPC Teleconference

Minutes from June 14, 2017 IPC Teleconference

What: Minutes from the Inclusive Prosperity Coalition teleconference

Date: June 14, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm EST – 7:30 pm EST

Host: Chioma Oruh

Full Recording: Audio


  1. Doreen Hodges – Executive Dir. Family Voices; ABA Camp Options
  2. Chioma Oruh
  3. Mansoor Abdur-Rahman
  4. Nicole Preston, Director, Special Olympics Washington D.C.
  5. Colleen Reynolds, Organizer, Parent
  6. J’an Proctor  
  7. Latiya Loring

Report from Chioma since last teleconference on June 7, 2017

  1. Latiya and Chioma met with David Grosso, Chair of the Committee on Education, Washington D.C. Council, who is supportive of efforts by the IPC. Mr. Grosso also:
    • Suggests outreach to other parents
    • Wants data along with a Show and Tell 
    • Mr. Grosso will conduct hearing on the B20-0724 – Enhanced Special Education Services Act of 2014
    • He recommended making contact with Chancellor Antwan Wilson and Ombudsman Joyanna Smith
  2. There is meeting organized by one of the parent partners Parents Amplifying Voices and Education (PAVE).
  3. We have been invited to participate in a meeting with the Deputy Mayor.
  4. Goal for summer is to grow parent presence through exit and entrance school processing. More to come.
  5. Play date on Sunday June 4, 2017 and in attendance were Doreen, Latiya and Chioma for children in DC schools. Passed out toys; Need more discussion around this event. Is it ongoing?
  6. Brookings Institute (Dr. Clark McKown) helped figure ways to find space for special and emotional learning. Website is linked to agenda.
  7. Antwan Wilson, Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools in Washington, D.C. is part of an organization that leads social and emotional learning (SEL) movement. The site helps with a number of issues such as emotional intelligence, bullying and provides tools for teachers and educators to engage children. He also shared a contact with someone on Georgetown University.
  8. Latiya will provide information requested by Doreen – they will talk offline about health insurance.
  9. Latiya going to Eleanor Holmes networking event on June 15, 2017 –Chioma suggests developing a plan around the initiative.
  10. Chioma suggested some ways to capture and present data – she has some examples.
  •  Doreen Hodges was introduced.  
  1. Doreen is mother of her own children on the spectrum and the Executive Director for Family Voices of District of Columbia. This is the local affiliate for larger national family voices organization. Doreen helps families get qualified for different programs such as Medicaid, camps, etc.
  2. Family Voices staff are certified in special education and health care navigation. 
  • Options for parents:
  1. Summer camp/clinic, which is paid for via health insurance such as Medicaid,        Amerihealth, HSCSN and MedStar.
  2. Talked about options available for kids ages 3-12 on spectrum
  3.  Jacob’s Promise, Silver Springs, Md.  Jacob’s Promise is interested in branching        out into DC and sharing strategies.
  4. Camp available on a per day basis.
  5. Doreen helps families navigate system by qualifying for Medicaid.
  6. The district also provides unlimited respite and care children and families.
  7. Also helps families with special education complaints forms
  8. Going to Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and other related issues
  9. Has team of ‘no money up’ front attorneys
  10. Program helps children from ages 0-26.
  11. You may reach Doreen at phone number 202-681-7761 for more info.
  12. Doreen is trying for a conference call Monday evening for anyone interested
  1.  Special Olympics just had the Young Athletes program for ages 2-7
  2.  Next event is adult unified tennis
  3.  ADA therapy is not just for children on the spectrum. It is also an  opportunity to  interact with children in the mainstream.
  • Chioma next spoke about:
  1.  Councilman Grosso says he will visit and support.
  2.  Fund raising needed – who are targets – lots of money in DC – what is the      target budget?
  • Key Hearing takes place tomorrow June 15, 2017.  Bill 22-0154 – at city council room 423.
  1. Molly Whalen, Executive Director of the DC Association for Special   Education, gave the overview last week’s teleconference. (June 7)
  • PAVE meeting taking place on June 23.
  • Family engagement summer – Chioma still working on proposal;  received commitments from Georgetown University, councilmember Charles Allen, deputy mayor Justin Donohue, (Smart-911)
  • Priority now is the planning committee whom Chioma will be following up with; they include
  1.  Joan Christopher – Georgetown University representative and trainer to  help train parents
  2. Council Member’s office
  3. Deputy Mayor’s office
  4. All are very supportive and interested in helping
  • Councilman Grosso says as soon as we have a calendar to please make him aware and he will make himself available to come and speak with parents
  • Back to School Event – PAVE is having a broader BTS event
  • Also want to focus on
  1.   Children’s Law Center
  2.   Outreach
  3.   Data
  4.   Survey
  5.   Focus group
  • Chioma gave call for leadership within coalition.
  1. Volunteers for leadership positions
  • Come up with bylaws
  • Abdur-Rahman offered to help in any area where needed; 
  1. Will begin transcribing audio into text for the immediate
  • Chioma will follow-up with everyone of the members
  • Sub-committees needed for:
  1.  Family Engagement event
  2.  Fund raising
  3.  Mothering hands
  4.  Bylaws
  5.  Other subcommittees as needed 
  • Q&A
  1. Request was made for adding a link to connect to the audio teleconference.
  2. Link will be posted in IPC website for the audio recordings/weekly minutes.
  • Closed meeting at 7:24 pm EST

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